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After being incarcerated at the age of 34, Mike, a U.S. Air Force Veteran, was released from DOC custody just over 3 years ago.  While in prison, Mike used the money he earned working various jobs to pay for his education. He has an associate degree in Building Maintenance Technology from Vatterott College, and 140 credit hours towards a bachelor’s degree from Ohio University. Since his release, Mike received his degree in Drafting Technology from Northwest Community College.  

While at the Honor Center, Mike’s Parole Officer received a copy of his grades from the Building Maintenance program at Vatterott, and when CJM reached out to Officer Davis seeking Veterans for a Housing program, Davis was so impressed with Mike’s schoolwork that he recommended Mike.

Mike graduated the CJM Release the Rent, Veterans program in 2017, and is now paying it forward as a volunteer with the CJM Vets 4 Pets program.  All the proceeds made through the sales of homemade dog treats, scarves, bowties, and other pet supplies are used to support CJM’s mission.  

Now, at the age of 68, Mike provides for himself thru the sales of his crocheted baby blankets, and painting apartments for a local management company.  He is enjoying his second chance, and when asked what impact CJM has on his re-entry he said, “If not for CJM and the opportunity they  provided me, I would not be alive today.”

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