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Referrals for Services 


You may complete a referral for yourself or someone else, but is preferred that a referral come from a parole officer for any person on parole or currently incarcerated. For some services, CJM will require a referral from the parole officer before services are provided.  

The referral form has three options: 

  • Release to Rent

  • FIRST Services 

  • Other/Not Sure 

Select Release to Rent if: 

  • the referral is for transitional reentry housing 

  • the person being referred meets one of these criteria: 

    • male, currently incarcerated over 10 years, will be released on parole​

    • a veteran who has been incarcerated 

    • a female who has been incarcerated and is on parole 

    • a formerly incarcerated person on parole who is employed but unhoused

Select FIRST Services if: 

  • the referral is for immediate assistance for a person recently released from incarceration, or residing in a transition center in St. Louis 

  • is for rental assistance for a formerly incarcerated person 

  • is to participate in bus trips to visit a family member at Vandalia or Chillicothe Womens Correctional facilities. 

Select Other/Not Sure for any other services.

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