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Community Resources

There are a number of other agencies and organizations at the local, state, and national levels that assist returning citizens and their families and advocate for criminal justice reform. Whether you are a service provider, a returning citizen, a family, or just a member of the community, the resources below can help you connect to services across the region.

The Start Here St. Louis Area Resource Directory provides general information, street addresses, phone numbers, and websites for dozens of agencies, shelters, employment resources, food pantries, and other organizations throughout the St Louis area. This directory is regularly updated with current resource information. Criminal Justice Ministry provides print copies of this directory upon request at

The Clark-Fox Family Foundation has developed interactive Ecosystem Maps that connect resources in the St. Louis region based on the services they provide. Maps are available for resources related to Criminal Justice, as well as Homelessness, Workforce Development, Child Well-Being, and Immigration & Refugees. Click on the links below to access each map.

Criminal Justice Resource Ecosystem Map 2021.png
homelessness-map PNG.png
child-well-being PNG.png
immigrant and refugee resource ecosystem map 2021.png
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