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Barbara, 29, is the oldest of three siblings having 1 sister and 1 brother.  She has 2 sons, Marquis who is 13 and Taron, 11.

After being incarcerated for 9.5 years, Barbara just started her re-entry journey, having been released from prison 6 weeks ago. Determined to provide for her boys, Barbara found her way to CJM’s FIRST Services Department where she was provided the funds necessary to put down a deposit on an apartment for her and her boys.

Having received her GED while incarcerated, Barbara was able to quickly find employment at Schnucks Markets Cold Storage facility where she works the night shift.

Barbara enjoys reading James Paterson novels, looking after her nieces and nephews, braiding hair, and has ambitions of becoming a mortician.  She enjoys basketball and cooking with her son.  Her favorite movie is Paid in Full.

If not for the housing allowance and other services provided by FIRST Services to their clients, Barbara might not have been able to land on her feet and get that second chance she deserves.  She is looking forward to spending the holidays with her family!

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