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Toni Jordan

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Toni is the Women's Support Coordinator at CJM. She exemplifies great qualities of a good leader, especially in the field of mental health. She has withstood many challenges in her life that today she is a champion of recovery for 14 years and counting. Toni started her journey as a peer specialist in March of 2009. Then, she became a trainer for peer specialist through the Department of Behavioral Health (DBH), in 2011. Toni Jordan has possessed employment with St. Louis Empowerment Center, Queen of Peace Center, BHR (Behavior Health Response), and was the Women Support Coordinator for Let’s Start until Let's Start merged with CJM. Toni Jordan is a grateful recipient of the Mental Health Champion award in 2011, Recovery Advocate of the Year in 2012, and The Voice Award from SAMHSA in 2014. Toni also is the co-chair for DBH-State Advisory Council for Comprehensive Psychiatric Services and has a seat on the board of directors for St. Patrick Center and Gateway Housing First.

First Services:

(314) 565-0720

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