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SLU Chapter of Physicians for Human Rights hold 3rd annual Christmas Card Party

On Wednesday, December 06, medical students in the SLU Chapter of Physicians for Human Rights held their third annual Christmas Card Party. They welcomed staff from the Criminal Justice Ministry (CJM), who presented their programs, particularly their annual Christmas Party for inmates in the Special Needs Unit at the Missouri prison in Potosi, . These inmates are housed in this wing of 40 people due to diagnoses of learning disabilities or behavioral health issues. Most of these people have very limited contact with the outside world for years at a time, and the CJM Christmas party is the highlight of their year. Students wrote a Christmas card for each inmate; by doing so, everyone is assured of at least one card this holiday season.

(In the photo, Doug Evans, CJM's Program Coordinator, and Gwen Smith, CJM's Volunteer Coordinator, are in the front left.)

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