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Loretta Walters 

Loretta Walters is the Release to Rent Program Coordinator, and is one of the Case Managers at CJM. She started her Journey at CJM in 2017, as a Case Manager. Loretta ran a reentry program for 8 years at Humanitri, in which the program was called Next Steps Home. However, when the program was merged into CJM, she decided to join the organization to continue her important work. Loretta received her new title as the Release to Rent Program Coordinator in July, 2018. As a Program Coordinator, she serves clients directly, she assists in creating and updating program policies and procedures, She also oversees and runs meetings with other case managers to ensure that the program is running smoothly. 


“I learned to look at the positive side of people and their strengths, rather than their weaknesses. By working with people who have just gotten released out of prison, I have so much to offer and there are so many ways in which I could help them get back on their feet.” Loretta explained, when she was asked on why she works for CJM. 


Release to Rent:

314-881-6031 Ext. 107

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