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Lara Meier 

Lara Meier is the Mental Health Specialist at CJM. She worked with CJM clients from 2010-2013 when CJM was under the umbrella of St. Vincent de Paul. In 2017, Lara rejoined CJM as the Director of Client Services, overseeing all of CJMs housing programs, the application/intake process for housing, and the mental health needs of clients. Today her role is concentrated solely on providing mental health and crisis intervention services to clients of CJMs housing programs. Lara has a M.Ed. in Counseling, is both a Missouri Licensed Professional Counselor and a National Certified Counselor, and possesses specialty certifications in the areas of grief counseling and integrative medicine for mental health.

Comprehensive Services:

314-652-8062 Ext. 106

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