Geraldine Neier

Geraldine Neier is a FIRST Services Liaison in the FIRST department of CJM. She started her journey at CJM in 2009. As a First Services Liaison, she serves persons who have recently been released from prison; men and women. Some of the things Geraldine offers through the FIRST services department are hygiene items, clothing, bus passes, etc. Geraldine has taught children in Africa for 5 years in the past. She possesses an MA in Geology, and an MA in Religious Education. 

“I am to serve the persons that need me the most.” Geraldine said, explaining why she serves the population of CJM. 

FIRST Services:
314-881-6021 Ext. 109



(314) 652-8062



1104 S. Jefferson Ave
St. Louis MO 63104

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