There are a number of other agencies and organizations, both at local, state, and national levels, that assist returning citizens and their families and advocate for criminal justice reform. If you are looking for additional help, please check out these resources.

This organization keeps track of all that is going on throughout the world concerning capital punishment and other violations of human dignity.

A non-profit law firm that provides holistic legal advocacy to combat the criminalization of poverty and state violence against poor people and people of color.

The legal services arm of St. Francis Community Services provides legal representation in civil matters to impoverished people who cannot afford to hire an attorney. The organization focuses on victims of domestic abuse, veterans, immigrants, and those is need of equal housing assistance.

A local reentry housing and mentoring program that works with women returning home from incarceration.

Up to date news and resources regarding the death penalty and abolition efforts.

This alliance advocates for policy reform and gathers statistics on how the War on Drugs affects the criminal justice system.

The Criminal Justice Task Force monitors the Missouri Corrections system and the legislative process, then advocates to provide justice, safety, and economic security for offenders, victims, and communities.

A local agency that provides housing and other resources for families struggling with homelessness.

This St. Louis based non-profit is focused on financial literacy and asset building for low-income individuals. They offer assistance with credit building, homeownership, and small business growth.

An organization designed to support the families of men and women who are or have been incarcerated through weekend workshops.

This non-profit organization provides civil legal assistance and equal access to justice for low-income people and the elderly in eastern Missouri.

This local organization works to reduce poverty in the St. Louis region through education, employment, and community outreach.

A statewide organization committed to legislative reform around the death penalty.

A list of resources for currently incarcerated individuals, as well as their friends and families.

A local resource directory with general information, street addresses, phone numbers and websites for dozens of agencies, shelters, employment resources, food pantries and other organizations throughout the St. Louis area.

A coalition of St. Louis based agencies, departments, and research institutions working to improve the reentry process.

A local organization that combats homelessness in the St. Louis region by providing transitional housing and other resources to those in need.