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The links to other sites found here will help you to quickly access other resources.


Addiction Center

This free online information guide for those battling  alcohol and drug addiction provides a place to check out information and support for those struggling with addiction.

Amnesty International

Keeps track of all that is going on throughout the world concerning capital punishment and other violations of human dignity.

The Center for Women in Transition

A mentoring program that works with and on behalf of women in jail/prison during incarceration and after release.

The Death Penalty Information Center

Tells  what is new on the subject.

The Drug Policy Alliance

Favors changing the present Drug War. Gathers a lot of good statistics on how the Drug War affects the criminal justice system.

An informational resource for those impacted by alcohol and drug dependence that provides information and answers for people fighting addiction.

Drug Rehab Connections

Drug Rehab Connections is not a specific treatment facility, they are an informational website that connects addicts and their families with the help they need to put their lives together.

Empower Missouri (formerly Missouri Association for Social Welfare)

The Criminal Justice Task Force monitors the Missouri Corrections system and the legislative process, then advocates to provide justice, safety, and economic security for offenders, victims, and communities.


Has long been a collaborator with Criminal Justice Ministry.

Justice Degrees

A comprehensive search engine designed for students who are interested in learning more about Criminal Justice programs around the country.

Kairos Outside of Eastern Missouri

An organization providing support weekends for women who have a relative or friend who is, or has been, incarcerated . . .

Let’s Start

A process dedicated to assisting women in transition from prison life to society. It is unique in that it is coordinated by women who themselves have been through the criminal justice system.

The Missouri Catholic Conference

An important resource for what the Catholic bishops of Missouri are doing to influence legislation.

Missourians for Alternatives to the Death Penalty

The main local group that we work with on Death Penalty issues.

Contact Information for the St. Louis Chapter:
Margaret Phillips

The Nation

A good resource for information and articles about the Death Penalty.

National Coalition to Abolish the Death Penalty

“A culture of life and the penalty of death”:  a statement of the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops calling for an end to the use of the death penalty.

Prison Resources

A huge listing of national and state resources.

Quit Alcohol

Part of the USA Addiction Treatment Partnership, a Florida registered non-profit. This site provides the timeline of drug policy changes and major events.

The Recovery Village

The Recovery Village provides comprehensive solutions for drug and alcohol addiction, as well as co-occurring mental health issues.

A St. Louis Area Resource Directory

A 52-page PDF printable booklet produced by Inside Dharma, a Buddhist outreach program.

STAR (St. Louis Alliance for Reentry)

Involves many segments of the reentry community in the St. Louis area.

Who is my Missouri Senator and Representative?